We are propagating the knowledge of ABACUS and VEDIC MATHS for strengthening the understanding on mathematics at the elementary level with set standards. We are committed to upgrade the quality of the teaching of Maths with the support of a dedicated team of trainers with wide experience and excellent track record.

We firmly believe that the intellectual inputs and advice of Prof G.D Dhall (An expert in vedic mathematics and Retd Prof. NCERT) and Sh. S.N.Chhibber (Retd Professor NCERT), will be of great value to the organization in the process of upgrading the quality of our Programme which primarily aims at strengthening the fundamentals of teaching Mathematics through Abacus and Vedic mathematics now universally acknowledged as a unique method of teaching maths.

To prepare strong leaders who possess the right attitude, skills and knowledge to continue on their path of life-long learning, to prepare with set standards so that they can meet the needs of the present without compromising anything so that they can succeed in this modern world. In today’s world there is no escape from Language and Mathematics, hence both Abacus & Vedic Maths will help connect the children closely with maths as one the interesting subjects.

If, on one hand, Abacus enhances the brain, increases aptitude and develops sharp memory and improves concentration, on the other hand, Vedic Maths keeps you connected to Indian Sankriti of Atharva Veda, and makes you learn Maths in a fun way that it slowly and gradually removes the phobia of mathematics. Immediately after the completion of these courses, jobs will be created in the market and the same knowledge will be imparted to all the children across the country bringing a great change in the approach of children.

Abacus is a tool which is originally from Japan and China, and all the students in those countries do not need calculators to do calculations, Thus imparting this education in India to all our students in schools by starting ABACUS and Vedic Maths, a derivative of one of our Vedas, Atharva Veda is a must. Imparting the knowledge of Vedic Maths will spread the knowledge of our Ancient mathematics thus increasing the mental aptitude in children.

With the fast growing technology and the advent of scientific development, it has become imperative for the students to be well acquainted with mathematical concepts and be quick in calculations. It has been observed over the years that when the children are not able to calculate fast, they tend to develop a fear for the subject and a feeling that ‘Mathematics is not their cup of tea’.

In classes, acquisition of calculation skills is a prime requirement to help in developing a love for mathematics. In order to remove the existing mathematics phobia and to sustain interest in the subject, it is essential for teachers to have a knowledge of Vedic methods of fast calculations and to integrate them in their regular classroom style and batches also.

The journey of change has already begun - IIVA has trained more than 3500 government teachers as the Delhi government has decided to start ABACUS & VEDIC MATHS in Government schools in Delhi under the SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, programme for achievement of Universalization of Elementary Education, UEE)and SCERT, Govt of NCT Delhi. IIVA has also got an affiliation from LPU-Lovely Professional University, and LPU has launched our Certificate Course of VEDIC MATHS for LPU campus students.

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